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Biloxi Girls Lacrosse

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join?

Biloxi Girls Lacrosse enjoys support from the local school districts, but is not formally affiliated with the school districts.  Players aged 12-18 can join a team regardless of school district or home address.

What do players need? 

Each player will need a stick, a mouth guard, goggles, and cleats.  USA Lacrosse recently has permitted the use of women's lacrosse helmets with integrated goggles for game play for those players and parents looking for additional protection.  These are different from the football style helmets that the boys wear, please ensure any helmet you purchase is permitted by USA lacrosse.  Thanks to a grant from Good Sports, the players do not have to pay for their uniforms. Uniforms will be loaned out to players in exchange for a small deposit.

Who do we play? 

The Gulf Coast Girls Lacrosse league is made up of five teams: Lower Alabama, St Paul’s of Mobile, and North Shore out of Louisiana.  Most games are played in either Biloxi or Ocean Springs on Saturdays in Jan-May.  No games require hotel stays.

Is it rough?

Girls lacrosse is much different than boys lacrosse, women and girls do not body check one another.  The women’s game is more about finesse and stick handling skills; physical contact is only incidental, like soccer or basketball.  Because of this, female players require a lot less equipment making the cost of joining a team very affordable!

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About US

Bilox Girls Lacrosse is a not for profit organiation that is dedicated to serve children ages 12-18 on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. We are committed to providing a safe, kid-centered fun environment to participate in the sport of lacrosse and learn the valuable life lessons best taught through sports.

We are club team that accepts all level of skill while enjoying healthy competition.